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Silverlight 5 Hosting UK - :: How to Custom Events on Silverlight Controls ?

clock November 20, 2014 07:45 by author Peter

Today, I am going to tell you about Custom Events on Silverlight 5 controls. Generally when you employ or develop controls the events you employ are a lot of straight forward however this case, we possess a dial therefore the 'mouseover' or click is not actually need you would like. So exactly what we need is once the dial moves to some place we need the 'position changed' event called.

To start out along with you need a few custom event args as we wish to pass the 'angle' from the dial towards the event handler inside the consuming application. Therefore the custom event args appearance such as this:
public class DialEventArgs : EventArgs
private double angle;
public DialEventArgs(double _Angle)
this.angle = _Angle;
public double Angle
return angle;

During this case it is a fairly straight forward class which drives from eventargs so we add a constructor which lets us established the angle property simply. Next we would like in our own control class to outline the event such as this :
public delegate void PositionChangeHandler (Object Sender, DialEventArgs e);
public event PositionChangeHandler PositionChangedEvent;
protected virtual void OnPositionChanged(DialEventArgs e)
PositionChangedEvent(this, e);

Using this set up a consuming xaml page if they utilize the control can set an event handler for that event. However first we have to truly call the event once the angle in the dial changes : In the method which sets the angle we've this code :
OnPositionChanged(new DialEventArgs(AngleOfRotation));

Currently if you get an event handler set in xaml you will get the event called in the correct time. In xaml this may look such as this:
<cc:Dial x:Name="NewKnobControl" Height="100" Width="100" PositionChangedEvent="NewKnobControl_PositionChangedEvent" Minimum="45.0" Max="135" >
<Grid >
<Ellipse Fill="Aquamarine" />
<Rectangle x:Name="Indicator" Height="10" Width="49" Fill="Blue" Margin="1,45,50,45" />

Now inside the client code you'll need an event handler and during this case inside my demo app it's similar to this :
private void NewKnobControl_PositionChangedEvent(Object sender, DialEventArgs e)
// applicable values
double Angle = e.Angle;

European Silverlight 5 Hosting - UK :: Style Setters with Silverlight 5

clock November 17, 2014 07:12 by author Scott

One of new Silverlight 5 feature is Style Setter. This great feature was heavily missing from the earlier Silverlight version. The functionality is pretty useful and is extensively used in WPF applications.

Implementing MVVM scenarios with controls inherited from ItemsControls is not an easy way and sometimes may require a lot of work.

Say binding IsSelected on C1TreeView or binding GroupName/HeaderBackground in C1Menu. There are lot of workarounds to these scenarios.

Setting binding in Style Setters is really helpful in these scenarios and it does reduces a lot of work.

Lets see this by an example. Below are the simple classes that we will be using for binding purposes:-

public class Parent
    public string Name{get;set;}
    public List<Child> Childs{get;set;}
    public bool IsSelected { get; set; }

 public class Child
   public Child(string name)
   public string Name{get;set;}
   public bool IsSelected { get; set; }

Lets populate the collection in our ViewModel:-

public class MyViewModel
   private List<Parent> _collections;
   public MyViewModel()
     _collections = new List<Parent>();
     _collections.Add(new Parent() { Name = "P1", Childs = new List<Child>() { new Child("C11"){IsSelected=true} , new Child("C12"), new Child("C13") } });
     _collections.Add(new Parent() { Name = "P2", IsSelected=true, Childs = new List<Child>() { new Child("C21"), new Child("C22"), new Child("C23") } });
     _collections.Add(new Parent() { Name = "P3", Childs = new List<Child>() { new Child("C31"), new Child("C32"), new Child("C33") } });

   public List<Parent> Collections
         return _collections;

Next is important xaml that shows the entire binding stuff in xaml:-

<c1:C1TreeView ItemsSource="{Binding Collections}" Grid.Row="1">
 <c1:C1HierarchicalDataTemplate ItemsSource="{Binding Childs}">
 <TextBlock HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" Margin="2" Text="{Binding Name}"/>
 <Style TargetType="c1:C1TreeViewItem">
 <Setter    Property="IsSelected" Value="{Binding IsSelected}"/>

As you can see from the above xaml code, we have used the ItemContainerStyle and bound theIsSelected property on the C1TreeViewItem with the IsSelected property exposed on our class. That was pretty simple. Isnt It?

With earlier versions, you may have to use some helper classes like SetterValueBindingHelper to achieve the same thing.

You can set similar type of styles to most of the controls inherited from ItemsControl like C1Menu,C1Accordion, C1Book etc.  while still obeying the rules of standard MVVM.

The things doesn’t stop here. With this new feature, its pretty easy to bind the C1DataGrid’s row /cell background/foreground/fontweight etc. all in xaml without manually setting the properties in code. See below xaml code which binds the IsAvailable property on the bound item toDataGridRowPresenters Background/Fontweight:-

<Style x:Key="myrowstyle" TargetType="c1:DataGridRowPresenter">
 <Setter  Property="Background" Value="{Binding RelativeSource={RelativeSource Self}, Path=Row.DataItem.IsAvailable, Converter={StaticResource BackgroundConverter}}"/>
 <Setter  Property="FontSize"  Value="{Binding RelativeSource={RelativeSource Self}, Path=Row.DataItem.IsAvailable, Converter={StaticResource FontweightConverter}}"/>
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